Howea forsteriana (Kentia palm)


The Howea forsteriana, or Kentia palm, is a species of palm native to Lord Howe Island in the Pacific Ocean.

First discovered in 1870, English botanist Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker brought back seeds and specimens to England from an expedition to the Island and soon after, the Kentia palm fast became the ornamental indoor plant to have in the Victorian era.

It’s elegant feather-like fronds and slender trunk gave it such a graceful appearance that it became the symbol of sophistication and luxury of the day.

The Kentia palm is still creating the feeling of lush, tropical ambiance in interior landscaping today, being the low-maintenance choice for homes, hotels and offices. and residential settings.

Potsize (base): 27 cm Ø
Overall height: 150 cm ±

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Caring for a Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana) involves providing it with the right environmental conditions, watering it appropriately, and ensuring proper maintenance. Here are some guidelines to help you care for your Kentia palm:

Remember to observe your Kentia palm regularly and adjust care based on its specific needs. With proper attention and care, your Kentia palm can thrive and bring a touch of tropical beauty to your indoor space.