Our Candleholders

Our Candleholders

Candles need candleholders and candelabras for safety, for beauty and for adding more “specialness” to any reason to light a candle.

The history of the candelabra dates back to ancient times when candles were essential sources of light. Back then, the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Romans civilizations made candelabras from clay, metal or stone.
In the Renaissance period, candelabras were a symbol of luxury and were commonly found in churches, palaces and homes of the wealthy and were made from precious metals, such as gold, silver or brass. 

Today, candelabras, candleholders and hurricane lanterns continue to be cherished as elegant and ornamental pieces that add a touch of sophistication and ambiance to any setting, from formal events and weddings to everyday home décor.
While their primary function as sources of light has evolved, their beauty and significance as decorative art have endured throughout the ages.

We are constantly updating our candleholders, candelabras and hurrican lanterns, so pop into our shop and see what’s in-store.

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