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All Our Candles & Candleholders

Both candles and candleholders have been used by every civilization for millennia and today, they still continue to be beloved elements in interior design and home décor, bringing warmth, beauty and a sense of tranquility to homes, events, celebrations and religious ceremonies around the world.

Candles are beautiful for creating instant ambiance, decoration and relaxation. Light them for nice dinners, any party or special occasion if you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. They are also perfect for meditation, aromatherapy purposes or just some important “me-time”.

Our candles come in various shapes, sizes and colours. If you are ordering a candle from my online store, please select your candle size and candle colour preference. As we don't always have every colour in stock all of the time, I will choose the closest match to your colour preference.

We are constantly updating our candleholders, candelabras, hurrican lantern and candlestick collection, so pop into our shop and have a good browse to see what we have in-store.


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