Elisabet’s Recommendations

I don't just deeply care about my customers and the people they want to send flowers to, but I am passionate about caring for nature as well.

Many flowers and plants (just like fruits and vegetables!) have natural seasons when they are at their prime.

That’s why I pick the very best of the best throughout the year to bring you the freshest and longest-lasting blooms, lovingly hand-tied into a beautiful bouquet, delivered right to the door of that special person in your life.

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Looking for more beautiful bouquet options?

If you are looking for more options for beautiful bouquets, please click right here.

The options shown on this page are my recommendations for this moment in time, so that's why they are here for a quick and easy selection for you.  I offer another bouquet options here on the bouquets page at a price from 35€.

If you would like to spend a little less money, please come to our shop here at the CC Torremarina and we will be very happy to make whatever flower arrangement you would like to fit your budget.