Our Candles

Our Candles

Candles have long since lost their primary purpose as an essential source of illumination from way back, when there was no electricity.

These days, modern lighting technology has replaced the need for candles for practical purposes, but not so surprisingly, many people still love candles to add warmth, ambiance and a soothing atmosphere to homes, restaurants, mindfulness meditation, romantic occasions or just a nice aroma around the house.

Candles are still the star of the show (next to flowers, of course!) at birthdays, anniversaries and any event that involves a celebratory cake! Candlelight makes people feel calm and relaxed. It also makes our complexion look beautiful as well!

People fall in love by candlelight; friends light candles for other friends; candles are lit for holidays and high days; for happiness, remembrance and celebration.

Whose life will you "illuminate" today?

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