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Flower bouquets have a special meaning and are cherished as gifts to convey beauty, emotions, as well as messages of love, appreciation and celebration.

The history of flower bouquets dates back thousands of years. Ancient civilisations (Egyptians, Greeks and Romans) decorated their homes and public spaces with garlands and wreaths made of flowers and herbs. Almost every culture in the world has used flowers in religious ceremonies and rituals.

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras, flowers began to have symbolic meanings and the language of flowers became popular in the Victorian era when flowers were used to express emotions and sentiments that couldn’t be openly spoken.

Today, flower bouquets are so much more aesthetic, but they still speak when no words are enough...like when we want to express the deepest feelings of love, empathy, sorrow or simply “have a happy day!”.

Any style is possible, from hand-tied bouquets, cascading bouquets, posies, pomander or “kissing ball” bouquets, fan bouquets, Tussie-mussie or Biedermeier bouquets.

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Looking for more beautiful options?

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