Elisabet’s Recommendation – The Annalisa

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Our Annalisa hand-tied bouquet captures the vibrancy of summer, inspired by warm Mediterranean days and balmy evenings. The radiant pinks, deep fuchsias, dreamy lilacs and pristine whites remind us of summer dresses and delicious ice cream. This bouquet is a real joy and it will brighten anyone’s day for sure.

Important to know:

Sometimes the exact flowers shown in the image are not available, but don't worry, I will always select the best seasonal colours and flowers for your order.

We have a minimum order of 35€ to qualify for delivery.

Essential info before ordering

We try our hardest to make sure the image you see on our online store represents what you will receive, but please remember that we are working with nature and every stem and plant is unique!

Sometimes it might be necessary to substitute a flower, colour or foliage to get as close as possible to the image shown.
We hope you are ok with this?

We just want you to know that we will only ever send you the freshest, most beautiful blooms and plants as possible.

Our greatest wish is that we always deliver (and even surpass!) your expectations.

The decorative pot, vase, basket or box in the image is not included in the price of the plant or flowers (unless otherwise stated).

Our plants are potted in basic containers, which of course do the job of holding the earth and roots!

We love the look of plants "dressed" with beautiful ceramic, terracotta, hand-weaved baskets or porcelain earthenware.

These items are game-changers in the plants decorative impact as a gift, or in your home or garden space.

You can add any of these pots to your order.

Check out our lovely range of beautiful plant containers, baskets and holders here.

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If you complete your order before 12h we can deliver the same day!

(If we ever have a problem with availability, we will contact you straight away with our recommendations for alternative options).

We have a minimum order of 35€ to qualify for delivery.

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Nature is unique

The very nature of nature is that no two flowers or plants are the same…Ever!

That means that our hand-tied bouquets, flower arrangements and plants will always look a little different from what is shown in the image, but don’t worry!

We will always use the freshest, most beautiful blooms and plants that are in season and we promise that we will always get as close as possible to the flower colours and bouquet or centrepiece style that you have so carefully chosen.

We are grateful for your confidence, time and trust in us.

The Annalisa flower bouquet can last longer and stay beautiful if you follow these simple tips to look after it:

Following these simple tips can help keep your Annalisa flower bouquet looking fresh and beautiful for as long as possible.