White wine


This Fruto Noble ecological white wine is a real delight for your taste buds! It comes from the “Finca La Serrata” vineyard in Villena, Alicante and it is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc (a grape that originated in the Bordeaux region of France).
It has a crisp and vibrant flavour and this beautiful wine is best known for its zesty citrus, herbal and tropical fruit aromas.
A lovely companion to fish dishes, salads, goat cheese, light poultry, vegetarian dishes and any fresh summer cuisine.
It’s a top favourite for all of us here at The Flower Shop Torrevieja.
Best served chilled to bring out the freshness of its citrus and herbaceous flavour personalities.

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I really care, because you care. 
I really care about my customers and why they want to send the flowers and gifts that they do. That’s why I offer these organic wines and ecological cava from the best of the best in the Mediterranean world of wines.
I can honestly say that I have enjoyed these beautiful wines time and time again. They are always exquisite and they are a very special touch to anyone’s reason to celebrate or show some gratitude and appreciation. Skål!

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We have a minimum order of 35€ to qualify for delivery.

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