Jungle (medium)


This is a really pretty plant pot. It has a leaf pattern on the outside and this pastel green shade with a white accent colour makes it a lovely choice as an indoor decorative plant pot.  It looks lovely with any arrangement as well. (See here with The Ellen flower arrangement).

Pot size (base): 15cm Ø
Pot height: 16cm

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The colours that you see in our images for pots, baskets or decorative home décor items may not be what you see in real life.

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The colours that you see in our images for pots, baskets or decorative home décor items may not be what you see in real life.

This is because everyone’s computer monitor, tablet or phone screen may be calibrated for colours and brightness in a slightly different way.

Plus, there is a difference between natural light and artificial lighting, which can influence the warm or cool tones, or overall hue altogether.

If you need to match a colour scheme exactly for your interior landscaping or gift idea, just connect with me and I can help you make the right choice for whatever you need.


The decorative pot, vase, basket or box in the image is not included in the price of the plant or flowers (unless otherwise stated).

Our plants are potted in basic containers, which of course do the job of holding the earth and roots!

We love the look of plants "dressed" with beautiful ceramic, terracotta, hand-weaved baskets or porcelain earthenware.

These items are game-changers in the plants decorative impact as a gift, or in your home or garden space.

You can add any of these pots to your order.

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We have a minimum order of 35€ to qualify for delivery.

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About our pots and baskets

A decorative plant pot or basket will add so much to the aesthetic appeal of your favourite plant, not only because you can personalise the look of your botanical buddies to your own style of indoor or outdoor landscaping, but good plant containers give you flexibility, practicality and the freedom to create a thriving garden, even in a limited space.

Our decorative plant pots come in many beautiful shapes, colours, textures and sizes, but they have different properties as “homes” for your favourite plants.
We thought you’d be interested to know how they compare, so you can order the right decorative pot for the right purpose.

Terracotta, ceramic and porcelain ornamental plant pots are our most popular choices for displaying plants, but they differ in terms of material, appearance, characteristics and usage. Here's a comparison of terracotta, ceramic and porcelain plant pots:

Terracotta, ceramic and porcelain

Pot Comparison

More than just beautiful baskets

Our lovely wicker and grass weaved baskets offer several benefits when used as decorative plant containers.
These types of “plant accessories” offer a natural, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing option for your plant friends, which enhance their beauty and provide practical benefits for their growth and well-being.
Here are some advantages of using these types of plants holders:

The benefits of baskets

Wicker and grass weaved baskets have a rustic and natural charm that adds visual interest to your plants and overall decor. They bring warmth, texture and a touch of organic beauty to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

Woven baskets typically have an open weave structure, allowing air circulation around the plant's roots. This promotes proper aeration and helps prevent over-watering or waterlogged soil. The natural fibres also allow water to drain freely, preventing excess moisture from accumulating and potentially causing root rot.

Wicker and grass weaved baskets are often made from sustainable and renewable materials, such as rattan, seagrass or bamboo. Choosing these baskets as decorative plant containers aligns with our eco-conscious mindset and it reduces the reliance on synthetic or non-biodegradable materials.

The natural fibres of wicker and grass weaved baskets provide some insulation for plant roots, protecting them from extreme temperature fluctuations. This can be particularly beneficial when plants are exposed to direct sunlight or during colder seasons.

Woven baskets are generally lightweight, making them easy to move and rearrange as desired. This flexibility allows you to adjust the placement of your plants according to sunlight requirements or simply to refresh your decor.

Wicker and grass weaved baskets come in various sizes, shapes and designs, offering versatility in plant selection and arrangement. From small hanging baskets to large floor planters, you can find options to accommodate different plant sizes and suit your space requirements.

Longevity and durability: Well-made wicker and grass weaved baskets can be durable and long-lasting. With proper care, they can withstand outdoor conditions and be reused for multiple planting seasons. This makes them a cost-effective choice compared to disposable or less durable containers.

It's important to remember that when using wicker or grass weaved baskets for plants, it's advisable to line the baskets with plastic or use a separate plastic or ceramic pot inside the basket to prevent water leakage and protect the basket from moisture damage over time.